(IN PROGRESS) What is Inteligir

Inteligir empowers businesses to build personalized AI Assistants for internal use in just a few minutes.

It consists of 2 main components:

  1. A platform to sync and manage content used to train your chatbot
  2. A selection of interfaces to deploy your chatbot

Processing your content

We offer first class integrations to a variety of data sources, such as:

  • Uploaded files (markdown, pdf, docx)
  • Websites (docs sites, blogs)
  • Knowledge bases (Notion, Zendesk)
  • File hosting services (Google Drive, GitHub repositories)

Querying your content

Once your content is synced, you can query it using any of these pre-built interfaces:

  • Custom web app
  • Website chatbot plugin
  • API
  • Headless React/React Native component
  • Chrome extension
  • Slackbot
  • ChatGPT plugin